What Clients Say...

"Any CEO who wants to get better..."

"As a CEO, talking to Paul every other week gives me a chance to get honest feedback on problems or concerns I have about my startup that I can't discuss with investors or employees. Sometimes Paul gives me new ideas or another perspective I hadn't considered yet.


Often I have a solution to a specific problem going into the session, knowing that I discussed that solution with someone that is completely objective gives me confidence that I didn't miss any important factors. I recommend Paul's coaching to any CEO that wants to get better in what he/she does."

Tristan M., Chemicals CEO

Insightful, dedicated listener

"Paul is a insightful, dedicated listener, that brings different perspective to the many challenges one can face. Look forward to future opportunities."

Jan W. Spin, CEO, Southern Chemical Corporation

"Really gets you thinking."

"He gets you really thinking about the way you approach different parts of your life. He helped me to become a more rounded person in my private life, and more efficient in my business life. "

Alan Seabright, Owner, BuenosTours,

Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Value added has been phenomenal..."

"One of the best in the biz. Paul has experience in many levels of business. He has been successful through the start-up phase, corporate mergers, and especially working with entrepreneurs. I have worked with him on multiple projects and the value added has been phenomenal. I highly recommend his services."

C. Collins, CEO, USA

"Helps me to constantly think bigger and better."

"Paul is a powerful coach and an intuitive listener who asks just the right question to give me the perspective that I need. He’s an invaluable part of my circle of influence helping me to constantly think bigger and better. 

Not only that but he takes a truly generous stance to his coaching and your unique situation, challenging you to be your best self and live your best life. If you’re looking to get “unstuck” from your current situation, Paul is the guy to call."

Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, 

Best-selling Author

"Incredible results."

"Paul's work has proven to be invaluable to my company. We've seen incredible results since he's started helping us as a life and business coach."

Cynthia Farber, President, The TR Company

"I highly recommend Paul."

"Paul is a fantastic coach. During an incredible slow period in my business, I decided to invest in myself and seek out business and life coaching. I strongly believe that beliefs influence our outcomes. When I came across Paul's website here on Yelp, I found his approach was all about changing old beliefs and developing new ones. I decided to do the free consultation. 


I am thankful for the decision. He was easy to talk to and gave me many tools and reading material to tackle changing my beliefs. I found it very beneficial to my life and business. If you are looking for professional coaching, I highly recommend Paul."

Sheri D., Houston, TX, USA

"One of the best expenditures I've ever made."

"Paul was instrumental in helping me change my perspective pertaining to the issues/problems that were preventing me from enjoying life. Paul is very insightful and provided practical and attainable suggestions for overcoming some of my shortcomings, additionally Paul was helpful in highlighting some of my strengths. The money I spent with Paul was one of the best expenditures I have ever made. I highly recommend Paul to everyone - he will give you tools to make your life more fulfilling."

R. C., Houston, TX, USA

"Defining and aligning my personal passion."

"Thank you Paul. Your background, experience, and understanding of my DNA gave me insights that moved me forward. Specific results: - Reduced overwhelm - Clarity - Embracing who I am and letting go of who I am not - Gaining Peace - Definition of my mission - Defining and Aligning my Personal Passion with my Perfect Customer Thank you Paul!"

Carl Loop, MBA, USA

"Fantastic philosophy on life..."

"It was always a pleasure to work with Paul, he had a wonderful understanding of human nature and a fantastic philosophy on life. When working with people he helps you work through the process of getting to the source of your problems or worries in a thoughtful and encouraging way."

Chrissie Bettencourt, Social Media Strategist

"Unlocks complexities in minutes."

"Paul understands and connects on a level much deeper than anyone I have talked with. He has tools and techniques that unlock complexities in minutes. I owe a lot of the positive flow in my life to the work I have done with Paul."

Clint C., Real Estate CEO

"A true giver."

"Paul is a great listener, conversationalist and strategic thinker. Highly recommend for the entrepreneur wanting to break through to the next level..a true giver. Thank you Paul!"

Chris C., USA

"Well-spoken, agreeable and encouraging."

"Paul was very easy to relate to, and had a very strong sense of self-knowledge - I profoundly recommend him, as I feel he would work well in any type of professional dynamic or relationship. Well-spoken, agreeable, and encouraging in a way that stayed with me long after we talked.

I feel as if Paul would be a good resource in the life of any professional, and in the lives of those who consider themselves to be self-aware, entrepreneurial, and dynamic."

Daniel D.,USA

"I was blocking my own progress and vision."

"After our first conversation he was able to help me understand that I had to remove one self limiting belief, he did this with one simple question. Which only I could answer. I was blocking my own progress and vision. Complicating things more than they were. What was holding me back? Insecurity and fear of failure. My business idea was solid and I knew it was, but with no business experience I wasn't moving forward. I was intimidated and wasn't sure if I was being overconfident in my abilities. After getting off the phone with him I made one phone call and was able to get my first contact. I am elated, I now understand that I was on the right track."

Minerva Guerra, California, USA

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