Two Decades of Working with Small Business Owners

With over two decades working the small business owners, Paul Strobl has owned businesses on three continents.


International MBA, professionally trained, multiple certifications and a leader and mentor for other coaches.


Expect the difficult questions that put you onto solutions to get you where you want to go.


Paul Strobl, MBA, CPC

What to Expect

  •  Provides a “safe space” to address concerns

  • sounding board with no direct financial interest in your business 

  • Someone to talk to who will listen without judgment and with complete objectivity

  • Celebrates your wins and challenges your thinking

  • Asks you the tough questions to drop the heaviness 

  • An objective outside facilitator to stimulate self-awareness 

  • Keen understanding of your business

  • Helps you brainstorm strategy and a sparring partner for new ideas

  • A catalyst for your personal and professional goals 

What Clients Say

"Where do I even begin with Paul? He's amazing. I had no idea how much I needed a coach until Paul and I started working together. I've had my company for 11 years, and as we step into this next decade, it is so great to have someone to strategize and brainstorm with. I have big dreams and goals for my company, but don't always know how to articulate them or make sense of them. Paul's gift is that he listens and asks the right questions. He's a sounding board and helps you get to the answers that are within you. I've grown so much professionally and personally since working with Paul. My team is energized because I am energized. Ask them--they love Paul as much as I do!"
Kristen Hadeed, Founder of Student Maid, Author of "Permission to Screw Up"
Coaching for Business Owners

I resolve personal bottlenecks,

so you can have clarity.

  • Do you seek an unbiased sounding board for decision-making?

  • Do you have big personal goals that involve deeper meaning than you're currently living?

  • Are you lacking a clear vision for what's next?

"I get it, and I can help. Call today for a complimentary 45-minute session."

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